Neschen takes care to eliminate environmentally harmful materials and practices from its operation. For each business area, from graphics media to industrial coatings, there are strict standards for environmentally responsible production. Neschen is convinced that quality and eco-friendliness are compatible. This idea has allowed them to find cleaner solutions that treat our planet more respectfully. Of course, this quest is not an easy one when it comes to self-adhesive films.

Don't miss out on Easy Dot® PET Matt L-UV...

  • Neschen PVC Free Easy Dot® PET Matt L-UV is PVC free whilst also containing 25% post consumer recycled content.
  • Also offering a 40% material saving against PVC based alternatives meaning a reduction in waste disposal at the end of life cycle.
  • PET therefore no shrinkage compared to PVC.




  • PVC free, no shrinkage and 25% less material whilst maintaining haptic (compared to PVC).

  • Dot shaped adhesive as known from all easy dot products.
  • Ultra transparent PET for window graphics.

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Green Wall Wallpapers & Wall Graphics

State of the art digitally printable wallpapers.


  • Green and PVC free
  • No shrinkage, perfectly closed joints
  • Available with different textures
green wallpapers

Easy dot® PVC-Free

The latest edition to the easy dot® family is easy dot® PET L-UV matt, a 75-micron polyester film manufactured from 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. This product was developed for UV-curable and Latex technology and is HP Latex certified.

  • Excellent handling and durability
  • Reduced waste - 40% lighter than PVC
  • Water-based, UV-curable, and latex products

Go Green with Neschen


Neschen take great care to eliminate materials and
practices harmful to the environment from our business
activities. For each business area, from graphics media to
industrial coatings. Get yourself a Green Graphics swatch book to see these environmentally friendly products in action.

Green Graphics Swatchbook 1st mockup copy

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